Fitness programming with personalized modifications for ANY FITNESS LEVEL, ANYWHERE(campus, globo gym, or garage), virtual coaching, video analysis, and availability for group training!


$35.00 per month here’s what’s available;
7-day a week programming using SugarWOD application;
This includes WARM UP, WORKOUT (high intensity training, cardio & strength), SKILLS, ACCESSORY MUSCLE BUILDING

• I (Dr.Harvard) will be personally give you feedback throughout the week. And this gives others a chance to give you a virtual fist bump as you crush your workout. Think of the application as Facebook for Fitness and workout tracker all in one.

Access to our in application PRIVATE message board; connecting you with others who are following the same program for open lines of communication.

Access to Video analysis;
Not sure if you’re doing a movement correctly or need guidance? Record a video of the movement and send it over! I’ll guide you through the most effective and safe way to perform the exercise!

Group Training;
If you are member or want to join us in person at Virtus Barbell you will have access to join any of the members and myself for training sessions so we can work out together. This will give you the opportunity to get quick on the fly modifications, guidance by me, and an awesome ass group of people to train with.

Not a member of Virtus Barbell? Here’s your options;

1.) Become a member for $45 a month and get 24/7 access to the gym.

2.) Drop in to the gym. Drop ins are $10 per visit.

• These two costs do not directly benefit Fitter Health in any way, however for the $35 program/group training and $45 gym membership, at $80 total, you will be getting more than any other membership bundle imaginable.

The Fitter Project

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Fitter Project
$35.00monthly/ auto-renew
  • This program will be uploaded via free Sugar WOD application. After subscribing to the program, download the application and enter FITTER HEALH as your gym / affiliate of choice. Once your transaction has been finished we will contact you within 24 hours verfiying you have been given access to the full program. 

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