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Welcome to
Fitter Health!

We're glad you stopped by!

To start, let's find which path best serves you in becoming "Fitter" to take on life then before we met. *wink wink* 

The 3 descriptors below will help us decide which path provides you the most in achieving your health, therapy, & performance goals.

Sports Therapy & Body Work

  • I am having orthopedic issues with my; back, neck, shoulder, elbow-wrist-hand, hip, knee, ankle-foot

  • I've experienced a Concussion, or symptoms of dizziness 

  • I want hands-on therapy to take care of my body, keep it healthy, and improve it's overall function

Performance & Training

  • I want to improve my overall performance in my Sport

  • I'm looking for a Coach & Personal Training

  • I need an analysis & skill coaching for my running, weightlifting, or other sports specific movement

Health Coaching

  • I need guidance to improving my overall health including; exercise, food, sleep, & daily habits

  • I'm looking to make a lifestyle change and I don't know where to start

Services available online & in-person in 

Southwest Florida 

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The Therapy Path

Intake Form

Fill out the patient intake form helping us collect all the info we need.


Initial Evaluation

We complete a

thorough exam and

movement assessment

to evaluate your

specific condition.

Care Plans & Treatment You & the Doc will decide the best plan of care based on your findings.

The Performance Path

Intake Form

Fill out our client intake form helping us collect all the info we need.

Premium Training Session

We conduct a movement assessment, strength and conditioning testing.

Performance Plan & Training

Based on your goals and testing, your coach will create a performance plan and we'll get to training.

The Health & Wellness Path

Intake Form

Fill out the client health & activity intake form helping us collect all the info we need.

Health Consult

Schedule a visit to begin your personal health, wellness, and food coaching journey.




Tel.  412-877-7017


Fort Myers Location;

17081 Cam Ct, Unit 3

Fort Myers, FL 33967

Cape Coral Location;

847 SE Ninth Terr

Unit C

Cape Coral, FL 33990



Monday - Friday 5:00am - 7:00pm

Saturday - Upon Request

Sunday - Upon Request




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