Services available online & in-person in Western Pennsylvania


This is Fitter Health and our mission is to deliver effective guidance to our clients, community, friends, and family using the best evidence based practices out there to make you healthier and Fitter than before.

We offer a host of available services including;

  • General Health and Wellness coaching

  • Rehabilitation and prevention treatment of chronic or acute injuries and problem areas

  • Movement analysis involving running, weightlifting (traditional & olympic & power), gymnastics, sport related drills, and activities of daily living

  • Hands on therapy utilizing sports/transfriction/deep tissue massage, joint care, taping, and stretching

  • Exercise programming, gym routine evaluation, and nutritional guidance

Whether you need motivation to get off the couch and get started, or getting ready for a competition, we are here for you. Improving your health and capabilities is a journey, and we're ready to be your guide.

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Phone - 412-877-7017

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